The Summer Seersucker Social

July 23rd, 2016

The Summer Seersucker Social — Schedule

The Schedule

Feeding the chickens!
FRIDAY, July 22nd3:00pm to 6:00pm
Our activities shall commence on Friday afternoon. Meet at Hellam’s Vineyard, 109 N. 1st Street, for early Check-In and to raise a pint or wine glass and celebrate the Saturday adventure.
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SATURDAY, July 23rd
10:00am to 11:00am
Registration continues in front of the La Conner Channel Lodge, located at 205 North 1st Street. Parking is available in the Marina parking lot 100 feet from the start/finish area.

At 11:00am — We shall head out on the road! SHARP!

1100am to 2:00pm
We have been granted with plenty of flat roads and beautiful scenery to enjoy. This will give you an ample amount of time to enjoy the ride and some nice photo ops.
Can you see me now?
Our great adventure shall conclude around 2pm at the La Conner Channel Lodge. Not-so-coincidentally the very same location where we began.

So put away your bicycle and take a stroll along the boardwalk through town. Be sure to stop, and say hello to our dear friends at Hellam's Vineyard for a complimentary wine tasting. Hobnobbery continues from 2pm to 6pm!
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La COnner Quilt & Textile Museum
If you are so inclined, you might bring a blanket and a bite to eat for a picnic on the lawn of the historic Gaches Mansion. This mansion is the home of the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum. Maybe you'll partake in a gripping good game of croquet or badminton?

If you’d like more substantial cuisine, or perhaps a little giggle water, then there are several "speak easy" establishments around town.

So come join us and make it a fun ritzy affair, but remember, there is a prohibition going on!
Historic La Conner
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Ice Cream Social and Picnic

BYOB, Bring Your Own Basket

As you're enjoying the summer sun and pleasant shops, you'll find a flight of stairs near the end of First Street. They will lead you to the Ice Cream Social at the La Conner Civic Garden Club. Treat yourself to some ice cream, lemonade and other tasty surprises.
Victorian Elegance
La Conner Civic Garden Club
Old Fashioned Fat Tires