The Summer Seersucker Social

July 23rd, 2016

The Summer Seersucker Social — Route

The Route

The best part of our little jaunt, highlights some of the breath taking views of Skagit Valley while still considering safety and comfort. The ride itself will assume a very leisurely pace for cyclists of all skill levels. The few mile loop will take roughly two hours (with stops) to complete with the start and end location being one and the same.
Riding My Bike With My Mates.
As we ride off down the road, there is a marvelous stop along the way that you’ll surely enjoy. The Rexville Grocery, is more than a grocery store. This Historic Skagit Valley store offers great gourmet treats and a variety of beverages. Wine tasting’s, and art openings are just part of you can find. Stop in for a picnic lunch or a cup of tea and enjoy the friendly Rexville spirit! Call ahead at (360) 466-5522, and they’ll have a picnic ready for you.

Down the lane and around a corner is Pleasant Ridge Farm Stand providing a large selection of seasonal produce in the spring and fall. Top quality produce at an excellent price!
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Dodge Valley Road